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Business Bike

The athletic way to work

Since the beginning of last year, Gebr. Schwarz GmbH is offers additionally the "Business Bike". Employees can lease a bike through the company to start vital everyday life. In the context of health management, we want to promote and support the sporting activity as well as the health of our employees. This offer has already been accepted by many employees, as it not only has a health benefit, but also brings many other benefits.

The business bike is attractive to our employees mainly because of the comfortable payment through the monthly content conversion (installment payment), the unrestricted private use of the bike and the tax benefits. The business bike can be chosen individually and depending on interest you can chose between an e-bike, mountain bike, city bike or racer, for example.

Until today, 19 employees of Schwarz have been interested in the project and are also visibly satisfied with the purchase of their bike. This was also emphasized when we asked individual employees about their experiences. One employee said that he had not been riding his bike for so long. Another of our employees is so enthusiastic about his new e-bike that he not only uses it on his way to work but is also privately on the road with his e-bike. When asked if one would not be tempted to switch to electric, one of the employees responded, on the contrary, with the support of the e-bike, she has been undertaking larger cycling tours since her acquisition and is more active in sports.