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1. Technology Day at Schwarz

touch & easy clean

Together with the partner Berliner Glas, Gebr. Schwarz GmbH organized the 1st Technology day in the company's history. Selected business partners of both companies have been invited to this day, and get a chance to get informed about current trends in the plastics technology and expertise in glass processing.

The focus was on that day, the jointly developed touch & easy clean technology - a new product concept with the possibility to generate a variety of display solutions. First, the participants get background information the product idea and development. Secondly, technical requirements and market potentials were shared by the audience in a panel discussion.

By using touch& easy clean technical sophisticated multi-touch applications with graphical display pinpoint accuracy can be achieved. The diminished process steps meet the high-class quality requirements and save expenses simultaneously. Individual optical and mechanical interface requirements can be implemented based on the technology IMD and IML. Scratch resistance, decorative and chemical resistance can be implemented by selecting the appropriate components and raw materials.

Cost factors and increasing functional requirements make new technologies required to meet continuously growing market needs - especially in the field of functional and decorative surfaces. touch & easy clean offers excellent opportunities to realize these requirements through efficient production.

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