SCHWARZ donates Campus Schule-Wirtschaft


Experimental worlds - learning, discovering and researching

From a small nucleus, the Arbeitskreis Schule Wirtschaft in Rottweil, a network with more than 100 members, from companies and educational institutions, has developed over the last 10 years. From this active honorary network the non-profit cooperative Campus Schule-Wirtschaft has developed in order to be able to meet the challenges of the educational and economic region Rottweil even more strongly.

Gebr. Schwarz has been a committed member of this network since the working group was founded. Campus Schule-Wirtschaft realizes projects in order to make an active contribution to securing skilled workers in the region. In addition, they plan more workshops and laboratories for young people to arouse interest and enthusiasm for scientific phenomena and technology.

With the donation to Campus Schule Wirtschaft e.V., Gebr. Schwarz is continuing its long-standing partnership and support of the network of schools and business. As a strong community, Campus Schule-Wirtschaft makes a contribution to education and thus also supports the securing of skilled workers in our region - said Managing Director Jens Roth, handing over the check to the Board of Directors at the premises of the experimental worlds in Rottweil.

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