KTX Prime - a contrast sensor

After three years of cooperation between the company Sick and Gebr. Schwarz, the contrast sensor KTX Prime is now on the market. The application possibilities are manifold - in the textile industry, in print mark recognition and in label alignment of bottle-shaped containers, this contrast sensor is used - to name but a few examples.

The KTX Prime contrast sensor ensures increased depth of field and scanning tolerance as well as reliable contrast detection. In addition, flexible sensor settings can be made. This sensor sets itself apart from previous competing products significantly.

The company Sick is regarded as a pioneer in the development of innovative sensor technology. Gebr. Schwarz supplies the housing assembly for the KTX Prime sensor, consisting of an injection-molded part and mounted additional components. Gebr. Schwarz is thus providing a tailor-made complete solution. The material used for the KTX Prime ensures high strength due to the filler content and meets the highest tolerance requirements of the internal geometry.