PrimAtü 10 pressure transmitter

With Schwarz as partner, you withstand any pressure

In the age of increasing digitalization, the automation of buildings, machines and systems as well as production processes is becoming increasingly important. One of the most important controlled variables in this context is the differential pressure. The differential pressure is the difference between two absolute pressures. For instance, the differential pressure makes it possible, to calculate the volumetric flow of a gas through a pipeline and thus also to control and regulate it. A suitable transmitter converts the pressure, measured in Pascal, into a pressure-proportional current or voltage signal. In a ventilation system, for example, it can be ensured that the prescribed flow rate limits are adhered and reliably controlled.

FSM AG in Kirchzarten is specialized in developing and manufacturing such pressure transmitters and has launched a new high-precision transmitter, the PrimAtü 10. Gebr. Schwarz contributed technical know-how to this project in order to produce a customer-optimized assembly. The module consists of a basic housing and a housing cover. In addition to a user friendly installation, the main focus in the construction phase laid on the high IP protection class 54, which is achieved by dispensing a seal. IP protection tests were subsequently carried out to ensure that even the IP65 class was achieved.

One of Gebr. Schwarz strengths lies in the cooperation with a strong and dynamic team such as the team of FSM AG. The project was successfully completed in just a few months, so the PrimAtü 10 is well prepared for a successful market entry.