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Small series in 3D printing

Special solution - chair row connector

Together with the municipality of Hausen, Gebr. Schwarz GmbH was able to develop a concept that not only saves the municipality of Hausen money, but also protects the environment. This is possible, thanks to competent knowledge in the field of plastics technology and generative manufacturing.

The background to the project is the Ordinance on Places of Assembly, which states that chairs set up in a row must be connected to each other. This prevents the chairs from falling over and ensures that escape routes remain accessible in the event of an emergency.

Since the 260 existing chairs in the Hausen community gymnasium did not have these required connectors and they could not be procured, the seating was to be replaced with new chairs. The cost of this was estimated at around €30,000.

However, since the chairs were still in very good condition, Gebr. Schwarz developed a solution to avoid disposal and at the same time to act sustainably. Based on many years of experience in 3D printing, SCHWARZ developed a chair connector that can be retrofitted to the existing furniture.
The parts were created as a small series using the FDM process from the material PETG. Up to four 3D printers were used in parallel, with up to 24 parts printed simultaneously per device. 

The photos show what the produced chair row connectors look like and how they are connected to the neighboring chair at the front and rear chair leg respectively.