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“MountainsTour” visit Gebr. Schwarz GmbH

SCHWARZ present digital support on their assembly lines

At the invitation of TechnologyMountains, a good dozen guests gathered at the premises of Gebr. Schwarz GmbH to learn not only about the theoretical but also the very practical advantages of "smart Klaus". 

First, Managing Director Danny Schwarz described the situation from which the company, with its approximately 220 employees and a production of around 92 million articles annually, is dealing with the topic of digitization. For example, component assembly is a service that is increasingly in demand from customers, which is naturally labor-intensive, he said. "That's why we introduced ourselves to 'smart Klaus,'" Schwarz said, leading into the theoretical introduction to the system, which was developed by Optimum datamanagement solutions GmbH.

Optimum Managing Director Wolfgang Mahanty presented the theory of "Schlaue  Klaus" as a digital camera-based system that can significantly support assembly specialists in their work. Because of to digital image recognition and evaluation, as well as many other sensors, it can ensure in high speed whether the assembly specialists have assembled correctly or not. 

Bernhard Dürr, assembly manager at Gebr. Schwarz, presented what this looks like in practice, using the example of an assembly station where complex plastic parts are joined together in the correct sequence, with correct screws and a correct label. With the Assistant System, easy-to-understand assembly instructions with pictures and videos are created for the employees and, at the same time, the inspection criteria are defined in the digital system. At the same time, "Schlauer Klaus" can rely on more than just his digital eye. Other measured values - from the scales to the torque measurement on the screwdriver used - allow, in interaction, to check just about every assembly process and the implementation of the overall order and to document it as correctly completed. 

All guests of the “MountainsTour” were impressed – also by the calculation that Dürr finally opened. Bottom line is the assembly line with the digital system a better solution for our customers compared to assembly lines with expensive part-specific static assembly, measuring and testing devices. “And if our customer wants to change a part, there are often expensive adjustments necessary, with the “Schlauer Klaus” we can adjust the program and the training in a few minutes” Dürr summarized. In addition many of the Gebr. Schwarz GmbH customers are very interested in the possibilities what this digital system offers. 

After the LIVE demonstration of the system, the “MountainsTour” guests took the opportunity to discuss details with all experts and enjoyed some drinks and snacks.