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Excursion - Urban drainage Rottweil

What happens to our wastewater?

In the course of the sustainability project, the trainees and other employees of Gebr. Schwarz GmbH took the opportunity to visit the Rottweil municipal wastewater treatment plant. The wastewater treatment plant in Rottweil is equipped with state-of-the-art technology. The wastewater for the city of Rottweil as well as the neighboring communities is treated in several purification stages. Wastewater is disposed of via a sewer network of more than 200 kilometers and covers a catchment area of 111 square kilometers.

Sustainability and circular economy are fixed components within the vocational training at SCHWARZ, an initiative that was started by Uwe Schwarz several years ago. During an environmental audit, potentials for improvement were identified at SCHWARZ, which could be quickly realized through the support of Mr. Haag, department head of urban drainage. 

This is also how the idea of an excursion to the municipal operation in Rottweil came about. Mr. Haag informed the approx. 20-member group of SCHWARZ about the important area of responsibility and the many work processes of a wastewater treatment plant. All participants were very impressed by the high degree of digitalization, the cleanliness and the automated processes during the plant tour, both inside and outside.

We all learned something on this day, was the unanimous tenor of the trainees. "Wastewater treatment is taken for granted by many of us, but what lies behind it in detail is often underestimated. This visit further raised awareness of our environment and the careful use of our resources."