The treasury of SCHWARZ

Safety and efficiency for tools and devices

When the planning of the new company facility of Gebr. Schwarz GmbH began in 1997, special emphasis was placed on the safety and efficiency of the tool storage. Up today, there are currently more than 2,000 active tools in this warehouse, from which we manufacture injection-moulded articles and which represent a value of several million Euros. They are mainly in property of our customers and are entrusted to us for production.

Therefore, the safety of these tools is our absolute priority:

  • The tool store is located away from areas with high fire loads
  • The warehouse does not have a sprinkler system because fire water would have a harmful effect on the tools
  • The room has no basement, so that the heavy-duty shelves have a safe stand on a grown floor.
  • The tool store is located on the ground floor on a level without danger of flooding
  • The camp has an escape door to the outside and a fireproof main gate that closes automatically in case of a fire alarm.

The correctness of these measures has been confirmed by an expert opinion of the umbrella association of property insurers, which describes the fire protection at SCHWARZ as exemplary.

The injection moulding tools are needed frequently for production. In order to make tool changes and thus production more efficient, our tool warehouse has a clear tool storage location structure. By means of rack shifting technology, the injection moulding production has very fast access to every active tool. In addition, all tools are regularly serviced and stored and are equipped with the last part that was inspected and produced.