The new high-flyer in object detection

SICK - New sensor generation W16 / W26

SICK is launching a new generation of sensors on the market, for which Gebr. Schwarz has been able to contribute substantially to its success. The sensors of the W16/26 family are characterized by very high reliability due to new detection technologies as well as high optical durability. The application possibilities of this new technology are extremely versatile and can be found in the food and beverage industry, handling and assembly technology, machine tools and storage as well as conveyor technology.

In the case of optical soiling on sensors or reflectors or after cleaning, the sensors automatically readjust their switching threshold using AutoAdapt and therefore always maintain a constant vision. With the OptoFilter, the sensors are able to see what they are supposed to see: They are impassibly to LED lighting, reflections from warning vests and influences from depolarizing objects.

In the age of industry 4.0, where every sensor, each machine and all resources involved can communicate with each other at any time, the new W16/26 family can be used to optimum advantage and opens up entirely new applications.

The ultra-rugged VISTAL housing enables the sensors to withstand even the most extreme conditions such as chemical, thermal and mechanical influences. These characteristics are ensured by processing a sophisticated polymer with a high filler content. Gebr. Schwarz does not only supply the enclosure, but also the perfectly matched cover. The sensor housing has a very complex geometry and is highly tolerated, which can only be achieved by a precise injection moulding process. Furthermore, the enclosure is characterized by an overmolded light guide for optical status control of the sensor. Despite the difficult material combination of the light guide and the enclosure, Gebr. Schwarz succeeded in finding an ideal solution for this challenge by conducting test series.