Apprenticeship at SCHWARZ

A new phase in life for six young people

In the first week of September, six young people started their training at SCHWARZ. The trainers and previous trainees took time to welcome the trainee starters. On their first day, our young professionals got lots of information, saw many new faces, got initial safety instructions, a took part at a joint lunch with all trainees as well as the management and started with the popular trainee quiz. This makes it easier to establish a personal relationship right from the beginning and to enter into a new environment.

Already on the second day the complete training team started with a bus to Switzerland to one of our customers. After an interesting factory tour with many impressions, the journey went back to the Black Forest to spend the night there. The next day, teambuilding was on the agenda. The Höfer-team showed again with demanding exercises how important trust, communication and team spirit are also in professional life.

For the prospective process mechanics, precision mechanists, warehouse logistics specialists, mechatronics engineers and industrial clerks as well as for the trainers, the first week was again marked by great introduction days.

We are pleased about the successful start of our new apprentices and wish them every success and joy in their training as SCHWARZ workers!