Day of health @ SCHWARZ

Health promotion in daily rotine and at work

Schwarz GmbH organised the 2nd Health Day for its employees, with support of the AOK Schwarzwald-Baar-Heuberg, Gebr. The employees had the chance to determine special health values and were advised on their fitness. "With this campaign, we encouraged employees to take care of their own health at work and in everyday life," says Lea Hirt, personnel officer at Gebr. Schwarz.

Various health stations were set up at the factory. Among other things, the AOK team measured the mobility of the cervical spine and the functionality of the musculoskeletal system using a balance board. An ABI measurement was also offered. AOK health expert Myriam Garten applied blood pressure cuffs to the ankle and arm: "This is how I determine the ankle-arm index. The index indicates how well the body's blood circulation works." In this way, the individual risk of heart disease, for example, can be determined. In addition, a functional fitness training session and an age simulation suit were available for active testing.

The doctor’s team of Dr. Brillinger measured vital parameters of the employees, determined blood values and carried out a lung function test.

The workers’ compensation board (BG ETEM) was also present on this day and determined the hearing ability with an ear box and pointed out dangers in everyday working life as well as in the private environment.

For a further highlight, the INJOY fitness studio contributed a plantar analysis to the determination of the load distribution in the stand.

The trainees of the SCHWARZ company supported the entire health day and provided the employees with refreshing vegetables/ fruit skewers and refreshing drinks.

"The activities were very popular", says Jens Roth, Managing Director of Gebr. Schwarz. "Individual advice was particularly important. Everyone could take along so personal Tips