Capacity expansion

SCHWARZ expands machine park

Due to high demand in the 80 ton range, Gebr. Schwarz GmbH has expanded its capacity in this segment. Two new injection moulding machines from Krauss Maffei were installed in the summer of 2018, one of them in the form of a 2-component machine. The units are equipped with suitable Wittmann removal handling systems.

The 2K machine mainly produces parts with integrated seals. The advantage is that the product can be produced in only one injection moulding process. In other words, the mould has two cavities and two injection units for different materials. First, a cavity is produced, the so-called hard part. The mould is rotated with a rotary plate in order to apply the soft components. This means that two injection processes are always carried out simultaneously, resulting in maximum efficiency and consistent quality.

Another special feature of the 2K machine is the integrated mould temperature control, which is monitored via the machine control system. Servo-controlled motors for the rotary motion and the pumps of the machine ensure optimum energy efficiency.

With the help of a new monitor generation, the employees of Gebr. Schwarz GmbH can work on the new machines much easier. Each worker has an individual chip card with which he authorises himself at a terminal to call up his own preferred surfaces for machine operation. All entries are traceably documented in this process.