Diagnostic device mm77

Mega macs 77 – a indispensable tool in your workshop

Hella Gutmann Solutions currently supplies 40,000 workshops worldwide with workshop equipment, technology and spare parts and is the market leader, especially in the field of independent workshops. Now comes the successor of the known diagnostic device mm66, the mega macs 77. The diagnostic device impress on the one hand with its special measuring technology and the data base of more than 49,000 vehicle models as well with the unique development of its components. The mega macs 77 consists a high-end processor, a full-HD-touchscreen, a plastic housing and a matching holder.

For the housing and the matching holder Gebr. Schwarz manufacture all 12 plastic parts, from large housing parts to small inside holders. A highlight is the soft injection molding of the rear part of the housing. This design allows the car mechanic to use the diagnostic device in such a way that the soft component protects the vehicle from possible damage. We realize that in our extensive machinery whereby our house offers the perfect set-up. In a highly productive and appreciative collaboration with the company Hella Gutmann Solutions, the plastic parts were further developed and perfected by injection molding. As a system supplier, we not only supply injection molding components further we also provide the assembly and the print of the parts. The materials PC+ABS and TPE are mainly used for the production of the parts, which meet the high flame protection requirements of the finished product.

Even before the production, some specialties came up. This includes the extensive and successful mold-flow-analysis in the early project phase. Also a very precise flatness was important for the support plate of the display to meet the requirements of the touch screen.