Innovation in Food Industry

3K Solution – world famous scale systems

Did you know that you probably have often used BIZERBA scales? They can be found in nearly every shop counter in supermarkets, butchers and in various well-known wholesalers. Many hundreds of customers are using these scales to weigh fresh vegetables or delicious fruit by themselves. Even customers or end users, all require highest demands on functionality and quality of these products. Absolute reliability and hygienic purity of the scale are mandatory for all of us. Convince yourself  in the product video of BIZERBA.

For decades, the company BIZERBA is providing exactly such reliable scales. In terms of hygienic requirements, Gebr. Schwarz serves optimal solutions as a system supplier of BIZERBA. Gebr. Schwarz has developed an innovative 3K solution consisting of a display frame that highly fulfills the customer demands. One of the special features of this display frame is an outstanding appearance with a very glossy and homogenous surface. In addition, the frame design allows easy cleaning with respect to hygienic requirements. At the same time the display frame is tight enough to prevent the ingress of detergents or bacteria. The assembly group consists of a back panel, a screen frame and a gasket. All three components are injected one after each other and assembled at Gebr. Schwarz. From an economic point of view, an optimized production process was realized, which results in considerable savings for the customer.

Gebr. Schwarz is very focused on ensuring customer satisfaction and their needs. A trustful partnership with BIZERBA, existing since decades, is an excellent example how all partners involved can benefit of cooperative project work.