HAMAMI - give a smile

SCHWARZ donates to charity

"HAMAMI" on Gbaya means "give a smile". Gbaya is the mother tongue of the children's dentist and HAMAMI founder Houma Kustermann from Cameroon. HAMAMI is a German-Cameroonian association whose aim is to help children with cleft lips and palate, congenital facial malformations, NOMA and thyroid disorders.

With medical care and therapy, the organization also promotes the social integration of people with facial malformations. Twice a year, an honorary team of doctors and medical staff travels to Cameroon for 14 days to treat children and adolescents. The next operation will take place in February 2018, with 46 patients already registered for surgery.

In addition to the actual operation itself, a high level of organizational effort is being put into preparing people for treatment and transporting them to the right place at the right time. In many cases, patient care goes beyond surgery. In the past, families have been supported in setting up their own businesses and becoming self-employed in order to sustainably guarantee the effort required for follow-up treatment of their children.

An operation for a patient is guaranteed with 250, - EUR. On 11th of December, Gebr. Schwarz hands over a donation to Houma Kustermann to support the long-term goal of HAMAMI - continuous treatment in Cameroon by local doctors, therapists and specialists.

We were very touched by the HAMAMI story, said by managing directors Uwe Schwarz and Jens Roth! If you are also interested or would like to make donations, you can find extensive information on the HAMAMI homepage https://hamami.org.