Connection by Ultrasonic

Flexible, efficient, clean and fast

In ultrasonic welding, the required heat required for plasticizing comes from the conversion of ultrasonic vibrations into mechanical vibrations and is conveyed to the workpiece to be welded with a defined contact pressure via sonotrodes. This joining method is becoming more and more popular in the plastics industry. Gebr. Schwarz also has a state-of-the-art ultrasonic welding station, which opens up new possibilities in production.

The compact ultrasonic welding machine is based on the modular welding solution Saphir and disposes a future-oriented generator and control concept. It enables complete recording, monitoring and documentation of the process parameters, as well as the integration of additional functions and processes, for example optical quality control. The range of products offered by Gebr. Schwarz is highly variable and requires a flexible system. This requirement has been realized by the integration of user specific programmable X / Y axes, whereby the ultrasonic welding unit can reach 50 and more embedding positions - also for different bushes in different heights. The compact, roller-mounted machine enables an efficient, clean and fully automated embedding of threaded bushes in plastic parts. The complete unit is mobile and soundproofed. For the embedding process, the various covers are placed on part-specific, encoded workpiece fixtures. Gebr. Schwarz has decided for this production method due to various advantages that the ultrasonic process offers in comparison to others, such as injection molding or subsequent integration with heat and pressure. The processing program is selected automatically. Ultrasonic welding allows our customers a quick, clean, low-stress, and cost-effectively connection of metal and plastic parts.

In addition to the customers, the employees of Gebr. Schwarz also benefit from a noticeable work relief through the ultrasound device.