Live Balance

Realize what is really important

Our life has become faster, more versatile and complex. Our job requires more and more mental effort; the boundaries between work and leisure are becoming more and more blurred. Perhaps you have already seen the behave of a bamboo in a storm: A bamboo bends almost to the ground while a storm, but it does not break. The storm also fails to uproot the bamboo. You can compare this picture with our human life: The stronger a person is rooted, based on a set of values, the better he can resist a storm in his professional life.

After a successful training session organized by the AOK health insurance with the subject of "Fit through the cold season", a further workshop was offered. "Live Balance" was a consecutive seminar for our employees in context to our company’s health management. The participants of the seminar developed strategies to remain mentally strength and healthy in professional life. Mrs. Zeller Thorn from AOK was leading the workshop. The intensive seminar with 15 participants was distributed into 6 sessions and took several weeks.

At the beginning of the course each participant received a training book as well as a personal work book. Exciting individual and group tasks around mental health were elaborated together.

Managing Director Jens Roth was excited about the success of the event: "Gebr. Schwarz GmbH actively promotes the health and well-being of our employees, both physical and mental health. Our most important asset is the know-how and the health of our teams. We will further expand our cooperation with the AOK and continue to offer interesting and useful offers to our employees. "