Girls‘ Day at Gebr. Schwarz GmbH

From tool production to shipping

On April 27th the first Girls' Day took place at Gebr. Schwarz GmbH. Three girls from different schools aged between 13 and 15 took part in this nationwide campaign and were able to gather insights into the professional world of the process mechanic, precision mechanic and specialist in warehouse logistics.

A few weeks before, the trainers prepared this day meticulously to create a varied and exciting program for the students.

After the welcome and a company presentation, the "practical" part started immediately: a workshop and a safety briefing were used for the first time before the pupils in the tool shop began the metalworking of a personalized key pendant. Afterwards, the students went into the injection molding shop where different advertising items were sprayed on an already stretched tool for the upcoming starter fair. After that the students assembled the manufactured parts, packed them and stored the final products in the company’s high-rack warehouse. In addition to that, they sent a full set of promotional items to their school, to let the rest of the class participate in the Girls' Day at Gebr. Schwarz GmbH.

The feedback from the students was very positive, a student was so enthusiastic that she wanted to register for a BOGY week at Schwarz in autumn. Also for Gebr. Schwarz GmbH it was a great and new experience – this event will be scheduled for 2018 again.