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Business School on a visit at SCHWARZ

On Saturday the 1st March 2017 the upcoming Bachelor’s degree of the Business School Alb-Schwarzwald of Rottweil, a branch office of the Steinbeis University in Berlin, found its way to the nearby Gebr. Schwarz GmbH. After some April fools and a short welcoming they day began with a business introduction of the Gebr. Schwarz GmbH and a deeper insight in the topic of plastic injection moulding and its associated production processes.

Danny Schwarz, Sales Director at the Gebr. Schwarz GmbH, explained the different plastics in form and composition and demonstrated the processing within a tour through the production hall. Insights in the various departments of the business made it possible for the students to receive a feeling for the encompassing task portfolio of the 200 employees at the location. Apart from the plastic injection moulding and the tool manufacturing, some other procedures as the Lean Production and the introduced KAIZEN-Philosophy were shown and explained in details within examples like the internal education arena, the 5S-Method and the KAIZEN-Board. „The exemplary quality management, all the logistical processes and their thoughtful Lean Management wasn’t only impressive for us, it was also useful for our students to integrate these valuable impulses in their own business sectors.“, explained Mr. Villing, Director of the Business School Alb-Schwarzwald.

Subsequent to the following lunch break the practical production planning processes were particularly mentioned to create a theoretical reference to the study contents of the Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration.

„The visit of the students of the Business School Alb-Schwarzwald was not only a teaching event for them. Especially in the final feedback round the Gebr. Schwarz GmbH has been able to benefit from their visitors awareness, during their walkthrough they detected a point of waste in the production process and also directly brought in some potential solutions. Furthermore an exchange with institutions like the Business School is always desirable, because both sides can effectively benefit from such a great connection. “