Synergy effects by solar

Both, staff and photovoltaic system refuel...

Human beings are a good comparison to photovoltaics systems. Our bodies are taking benefits of sunrays generate power and energy. The same applies to the photovoltaics systems of Gebr. Schwarz which offers enormous ecological and economic potential.

“Already during the planning phase we were fascinated by the idea of installing a photovoltaics system on the roof of our building.”, states Uwe Schwarz. Since 2014, Gebr. Schwarz owns a 194,75kWp photovoltaics system with a total installed module area of1280m² and a number of 779 solar modules. The installation generates an over proportional high energy yield over a long-term period of use: In 2016 the harvested output was 13.7% above the forecasted harvest factor for the region. Through the use of solar energy, successive saving potentials will be generated in the upcoming years. The goal of the photovoltaic plant is to harvest that much sun energy in the next few years to cover up to 15% of the total company consumption. Long-term expansion plans will lead to higher independency of the electricity grid.

Gebr. Schwarz has committed himself to energy management in order to optimize energy savings and to get benefit for environment. “Near Rottweil, our facility stands on an altitude of about 700m and is perfectly aligned to the south.”, reports Uwe Schwarz proudly. “I do not regret this investment. The Photovoltaic plant will be further expanded in the near future.”