Fit through the cold season


2. diet day at Gebr. Schwarz

"We have it in our own hand, how healthy we get through the winter time." Under this motto, the 2nd Diet Day was opened at Gebr. Schwarz. The health of employees is a central component of corporate philosophy at Schwarz. The nutrition day took place in cooperation with the AOK. The management was proud that more than 1/3 of the workforce took part in this event. "We see that our concept has a high significant bit for our employees. Our company can only be successful while our employees are healthy and motivated, "said Jens Roth – general manager of Schwarz.

The AOK provided comprehensive information on the importance of healthy diet with seasonal fruits and vegetables. Practical health tips in the workplace also help to get healthy through the winter. Need an example? When you drink a cup of tea in your office, you can just breathe something from the steaming tea. This moisten your nasal mucus - so you are less prone to sniffing.

Following the presentation of the AOK Rottweil, all participants had the opportunity to convince themselves of the quality of healthy food. A delicious savoy cabbage soup with coconut milk and a beetroot salad with orange and walnut bring variety and can be prepared very easily.

The success of the diet day shows, that Gebr. Schwarz is on the right path and Schwarz will continue to expand the health care provision for his employees in the future.