High End Modules for HF surgery

More than just plastic

With the ERBE footswitch series, Gebr. Schwarz acted again as a system supplier in the medical industry. The ERBE dual-pedal and single pedal footswitch with and without ReMode function is applied to activate the cutting and coagulation in the HF surgery.

Electrosurgery is the application of a high-frequency (radio frequency) alternating polarity, electrical current to biological tissue as a means to cut, coagulate, desiccate, or fulgurate tissue. Its benefits include the ability to make precise cuts with limited blood loss. Electrosurgical devices are frequently used during surgical operations helping to prevent blood loss in hospital operating rooms or in outpatient procedures (source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Electrosurgery)

Gebr. Schwarz has gone far beyond the border of conventional injection molders with the project realization of the footswitch variants. The 2k plastic blank base component consists of a hybrid component which is produced out of particularly chemical resistant thermoplastic elastomers and metal insert parts. In addition, the surface is equipped with an electrically conductive matrix. The finishing of the components takes place at the ESD assembly line of Schwarz. The complex assembly with fitting / - and machining processes such as gluing, screwing, sealing and soldering will finally be assembled to a full operational product. Before shipment of the product, a 100% inspection of all mechanical and electronic properties of the footswitch takes place.

With these sophisticated assemblies Gebr. Schwarz was able to cover all the relevant facets of a product lifecycle. Beginning with development support through process development and production to supply chain - Gebr. Schwarz is a reliable system supplier for components with high BOM depth and tight complexity. (Source images: Erbe Elektromedizin GmbH)