Company anniversary

50 years Gebr. Schwarz

50 years ago, the company Gebr. Schwarz was launched by Felix and Gebhard Schwarz and expanded until today to a 200 employee’s strong company and is specialist in injection molds and a global supplier of plastic injection molded parts.

The 50 year anniversary was celebrated on June 10th with business associates and employees. Managing director, Uwe Schwarz told proudly the audience with an historical review, how the company has achieved significant growth in infrastructure and portfolio expansion almost every 5 years. But not only the past was considered that evening, the future of Gebr. Schwarz GmbH has already set apart. In addition to innovative process developments for medicine/- and food industry, the company has self-sufficient energy visions and alternative raw materials processes such as bioplastics in mind, says CEO Jens Roth in his keynote speech.

On the following Saturday the gates were opened for all employees of Schwarz and their families. In an especially for this event erected beer tent, all guests celebrated proper with tasty food and drinks. The Polkamusicians of Stetten, the Music Club of Neukirch, and the dance group Pink Diamonds have made with their performance the afternoon to a memorable event. The youngest guests had also fun by offering a huge children's program from bouncy castle, goal wall shooting, children's make-up and Bobby Car race. Following the motto "Dad what do you work really?" Families were offered company tours to present the working environment at Schwarz.