Years of experience in medical technology pays off

Shortest incubation period due to great cooperation

Especially in the medical sector hygiene and cleanliness are a major role. In order to prevent infections, the patients' protection can be ensured by preventive approaches. Furthermore the preventive measures schould not only include disinfectants but also easy to clean medical devices, such as the Vivid S70. Vivid S70 is a system that captures excellent cardiovascular ultrasound images which helps doctors to reduce non-diagnostic exams and enhance a better assessment and diagnosis of the heart.

Gebr. Schwarz won the race in global competition and now supplies the medical device manufacturing site GE Healthcare with another major project. After only 3 months Gebr. Schwarz was able to present mountable first samples to GE Healthcare. One of the reasons for such a short tool lead time was the excellent cooperation with the development team of the customer.A high design maturity was achieved at the time of tooling through the early involvement of the supplier in the development process whereby correction loops have been substantially reduced. The visible plastic parts are treated with a chemical texture in order to establish a scratch resistant and optic valuable surface. A total of 28 tools for the project are required. Moreover, a large part of those plastic parts will be produced on injection molding machines with a shot capacity up to 2200 g / 5000 T locking pressure.

Effective and early supplier integration pays off – reaching your goal faster with lower expenditures and less costs.