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Our contribution to satisfy you!

System provider of complex and precise plastic solutions produced sustainably by using the highest quality of state-of-the-art technology.

Consistent, individual customer service. Gebr. Schwarz’s upmost objective is an innovative approach incorporating flexibility and technical precision to serve and secure the mutual success of both server and served.

Provider of single, individual modular and overall plastic solutions. Conception, design performance, development, injection moulds, injection-moulding parts, assembly lines and final assembly.

Long-term, reliable cooperation for customer and business partners, ensured by using state of the art technologies, innovation, economic stability and quality management system.


Expertise, decades of experience and extensive technical competence in relation to both customised production and serial production, warrants innovative plastic solutions aligned to your needs.

Economical solutions combined with optimum cost-benefit, performance ratio and reliable production periods, offer a competitive range of services, reliable planning and one’s own service portfolio.