Internships and theses

Internships and theses

Your high school internship at
Gebr. Schwarz

Interested high school students can undertake an internship with us to find out more about careers in production and administration. These internships follow a precise plan and there are permanent contact partners in each department.

Please apply by e-mail, attaching the following documents:

  • Letter of application with desired internship and dates
  • CV
  • Current school report card
  • If applicable, references from other internships

Practice semesters and theses

College students can take part in an internship or spend a practice semester with us as part of their studies or can gain valuable experience as working students while they study. As well as having valuable insights into the practical world of work, you'll get the opportunity to develop professionally and personally as you work with qualified experts and take part in projects.

We also offer a whole range of interesting topics with practical relevance and personal mentoring to students who want to write their thesis (final technical project, bachelor's dissertation, or master's thesis) with us. For many graduates, practice-oriented work forms the foundation for the rest of their working life – and often for the start of their career at Gebr. Schwarz.

Please send us an informal inquiry by e-mail along with information about your specialty, desired type of placement, and desired duration. We'll check opportunities along with the relevant specialist department and, if applicable, request a full application from you.