Environment &

Our customer’s focus in terms of the range of services of company Schwarz are:

  • in terms of mechanical strength, chemical resistance (UV light outdoor use, various liquids, hot and cold environment), and flame protection requirements, in the feasibility analysis during the product development phase.
  • Simulations based on prototype.
  • During the project, implementation phase to consider compliance in project plans and thereby still respond to design improvements.
  • in the series supply phase of mechanical and chemical parts, high and consistent quality.
  • Gebr. Schwarz’s effort is focused on the most efficient implementation regarded to knowledge in equipment manufacturing and to support the use of new industrial materials, materials from renewable resources, biodegradable materials and material substitutions for our customers.

Product examples: cable clamps (may not be called technic), Hectronic solar crest, Grünbeck, Metrohm,