Complete closure on the B 27 - how to find us?

The important traffic axis between Rottweil and Schömberg is completely closed for months, the federal highway 27 is being renovated. All traffic is diverted via Neufra and Wellendingen. The construction is completed, around the 31.08.2018.

The diversion:

The entire traffic coming from Epfendorf and Dietingen, coming from the northern bypass and from the B 462 coming from Schramberg / Zimmern is diverted via the B 14 towards Neufra and from there via Wellendingen to Schömberg (see diagram). There, the detour route then rejoins the B 27. The diversion from Balingen / Schömberg to Rottweil takes place on the same route. Neukirch and Zepfenhan must be approached via Feckenhausen and Zimmern unter der Burg.