Self-development through exercise

SCHWARZ sponsors live demo

The regional work group “Schule Wirtschaft” of Rottweil, organized an extraordinary event in the town hall of Rottweil on November 9th. The work group supports pupils on their way from school to their professional orientation and goals. In this context, the internationally renowned psychologist and sports scientist Martin Busch could be won for this special event.

More than 200 pupils, trainees and teachers gathered this afternoon to see the expert Martin Busch in his work. Not only theoretical background information was given, but the participants were also able to make their first practical experiences with his learning concept.

Amongst others, self-development through exercise is the exploration of one's own body, its possibilities and its relation to space, gravity and the social environment as the starting point of school learning, the development of the body SELF, as the core of our SELF, and its inseparable "outer side", the Social SELF, to the center of pedagogical thought and action (Source:

Gebr. Schwarz has appeared as one of the main sponsors at this event, thus encouraging young people and students to get to know new ways of learning and to try them out.